Deerfield Village, WV POA


Welcome to the Deerfield Village Propery Owners’ Association in Shepherdstown, WV Website.

This is the home page for the Deerfield Village Property Owners’ Association. The site is designed to provide residents of the Deerfield Village Community with information about the Association along with other neighborhood activities.

There will be no Deerfield Village Board of Directors meeting in March. The annual Property Owners meeting will be held on March 7 (7 pm) at 49 Rolling Green Court. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

News You Can Use – Week of 19 February

Deerfield Village POA
Annual Meeting Agenda
March 7, 2917

 I. Call to Order

II. Minutes – Janie McSwain

III. Annual Reports of Officers and Committees
A. President – Mike Vaeth
B. Treasurer – Erdem Ergin
C. Rules & Policy – Kirk Bottner
D. Streets & Grounds – Debbie Crouse
E. Social – Mike Bass & Sidney Lewis

IV. Old and Unfinished Business

V. New Business
A. Roll Call for Voting – Janie/Pattie
B. Nomination & Election of Officers
a. Announcement of new board members
b. Schedule first meeting at 7:00PM Tues., Aoril 4th
C. 2017 Tree Grant – Sidney
D. Construction in Deerfield Village – Paul

VI. Good and Welfare
A. Ideas or Suggestions for Future Activities or Projects

VII. Adjournment


Deerfield Village Arboreal Policy

Trees are very important to Deerfield Village. The Board of Directors have approved tree replacement procedures that enable residents to participate and be reimbursed for part of the expense. The policy document can be found on the Resources Page — look under “Other Documents.”

Deerfield Village in the News

There’s a nice article, complete with pictures about Deerfield Village on the Cacapon Web Site. Check it out.
The link is below…..

Water Saving Tips

Water is expensive — these water saving tips are provided by Jefferson Utilities, Inc.

• Run your dishwasher and laundry with full loads
• Wash fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of under a running faucet
• Hold a 1 gallon bucket in your shower. If the bucket fills up in less than 20 seconds, then you should consider replacing your shower head with a more water efficient model
• Verify you have no leaking toilets of faucets. We’re more likely to notice leaks indoors, but don’t forget to check outdoor faucets, sprinklers and hoses for leaks

Approximate amounts of water used for common household activities:
•   Laundry – 30 gallons per load
•   Shower/tub – 30 gallons per shower
•   Toilet – 5 gallons per flush
•   Dishwasher – 15 to 30 gallons per load

The commonly accepted per household value for water consumption is 4,500 gallon per month.

Trash Talk

Some electronics, specifically televisions, computers and computer monitors or any device that has a video screen, have been banned from landfills in this area. These items must be separated from your regular trash and you must call or e-mail Apple Valley Waste customer service to schedule a separate pickup. E-mail or call 877-267-1280 for information or to schedule pickup.

Did You Know…

Help Keep Our Neighborhood Litter Free

Please make sure all trash is bagged and all bags are tied shut before placing at the curb.

Help keep the area litter free. If you are using an open-top recycle bin, you can bag your recyclables and then place the bag inside the container to indicate that it is for recycle collection. This will help keep recycling from blowing around the area.

Make sure all trash and recycling is out the night before your scheduled pickup date. Check containers for bee nests.

You Don’t Have To Go Far…

Many services are available right here in Deerfield Village. Looking to buy or sell something? Have Insurance needs or advice? Need plumbing services? A builder? Check out the Residents Page – the page is for YOUR use – take advantage of it.

Solid Waste Recycling

The Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority accepts used motor oil, kerosene, transmission/hydraulic fluid, newspapers and magazines, brown, green and clear glass bottles, aluminum and tin cans and Number 1 and 2 plastic. The facility is located in Leetown on Orchard Road and is open 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 304-728-0430 for information.